Top-notch, Alabama-based IT support for small businesses. Our fundamental belief is that IT is about much more than technology; for us, people come first. We build Computers to order, Build Software Applications and Business Solutions. We Specialize In .NET Windows Applications, MySQL, MSSQL Databases, Crystal Reports, All Office Products: Access, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, Including Data Scraping with VBA, Python, VB.NET and C#.NET. Dreamweaver and .NET Web Development along with Android and Apple OS for Phone and Tablet Applications. We Also Specialize in Networking and Repair Services

Web Design

Your website may be the first interaction a customer has with your brand. We design websites that parallel your brand and tell your story in a thoughtful way. From campaign landing pages to multi-functional corporate web sites to e-commerce websites, our creative engineering efforts cause your brand to stand out.

Mobile App

Do you need a mobile application for synchronizing your devices or for comprehensive and fast data sharing within the work team? Or are you interested in possibility to make money through the sale of applications at AppStore or Google Play? Please contact the specialists for mobile application development, design the application with them and let your ideas make money.


HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language for presenting content for the World Web Wide. It was developed to provide an exhaustive application development platform that excludes the necessity to install third-party browser plug-ins such as Java and Flash. HTML5 supports 2D graphics, document editing, local file storage, audio and video playback and others. Today HTML5 is widely-spread and supported by all major browsers and mobile apps.

SEO Marketing

Most companies focus on performing a quick and dirty search engine optimization. Those companies typically edit your pages and add baseless keywords and descriptions to your pages' Title and Meta Descriptions without any consideration to the relevancy of those keywords to the corresponding pages. Sloppy search engine optimization not only does not produce results, it may cause an adverse effect and negative results. Google's engine is smart enough to recognize and ignore sloppy site content and optimization. Let BamaSearch give you the best results for the cheapest price we can. Call us today.